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Hydrotherapy is the use of warm water in a safe, controlled environment to help improve land based movement and function within the dog. It incorporates gentle, controlled swimming with therapeutic exercises such as massage, joint mobilisation and stretching. Hydrotherapy involves using the properties of water, including buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and temperature to help improve fitness, muscle health and quality of life, to decrease pain and stiffness and to aid recovery from injury or surgery. 

Hydrotherapy can also be used as a fitness tool for many dogs, especially sporting dogs. It can help to improve their muscle function, tone and strength, improve joint movement and increase cardiovascular capabilities. This can help dogs to feel much more comfortable and thus, improve their sporting ability or general exercise capabilities. 

Hydrotherapy works well in conjunction with many other therapies as the benefits for hydrotherapy are very similar to other techniques. Many other techniques can also be used throughout the hydrotherapy session along side the controlled swimming, allowing the dog to get the most benefit out of their treatment. 

A dog undergoing hydrotherapy in the underwater treadmill

A dog undergoing hydrotherapy treatment in the hydrotherapy pool