Curious Dog

MyoFascial Release

Myofascial Release is a very specific massage technique which targets the fascial tissue which sits in between the skin and muscle. This tissue is very thin and very delicate and aids smooth movement between skin and muscle and between 2 or more muscles. However, it can become dehydrated very easily and very quickly. When this happens the movement it aids becomes restricted and can cause severe discomfort and pain to the dog. Movement when the fascial tissue is dehydrated can also cause tears throughout the tissue resulting in further pain. 


Myofascial release works by warming up the fascial tissue and ensuring it stays hydrated so that the tissue works to the best of its ability. This technique is performed with hand movements alone and is a very slow and calming technique which relaxes the dog so can also be used as a relaxation technique.

Myofascial release techniques will be beneficial for any dog, even if their muscles are not restricted as it helps to maintain full function of the muscles and tissues. 

Myofascial Release being performed on a dog, along the spinal muscles