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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a very specific technique, focusing on releasing specific tension spots within muscle which cause pain and discomfort. 

Many dogs have compensatory issues, even if they seem fit and healthy. These issues arise when dogs do not use a specific area correctly, for example, they use one limb less than the others. This means that other areas are having to work harder and are therefore, put under more strain. Due to this extra pressure muscle tissue can become very tight and sore which can result in a point of extreme tension and discomfort, otherwise known as a trigger point.

Trigger Point Therapy is the process of relieving these trigger points and releasing the tension present in these areas. Techniques such as direct pressure and cross fiber friction are used. Direct pressure involves adding fingertip pressure to the trigger point and gradually increasing the amount of pressure over a short period of time, this creates a large influx of new nutrients. Cross fiber friction also involves adding fingertip pressure to the trigger point, then gently moving length ways across the muscle fibers in order to gradually separate them and release the tension. 

A demonstration of Direct Pressure to relieve a Trigger point